Child Gifts

There are two ways you can send a gift to the child you sponsor:

  1. You can send a financial gift through Compassion.
  2. You can send a small gift of paper or cardboard attached to your letters.


1. Financial gift

By sending a financial gift to the child you support, Compassion can ensure that the child is given the opportunity to choose a suitable gift for themselves in consultation with their family member or centre worker. Where possible, gifts are bought within the community to support the local economy. Unfortunately Compassion is unable to send non-monetary gifts to the child due to the high cost of postage and customs duties and the risk of theft and damage. Unless otherwise stated, 100 per cent of gifts directly benefit the child you support and their family.

Gift opportunities include:

  • Birthday and/or child gift
    From $20 to $150, maximum two per year

    We recommend that one of these be a birthday gift. The total of all birthday/child gifts given within a 12 month period must not exceed $150 per child. Children choose from a variety of gifts depending on their needs. These can include a bicycle to ride to school, bedding, clothing, furniture etc.

  • Family gift
    From $20 to a maximum of $1500 in total, annually

    These can be given once-off or no more than quarterly. The total of all family gifts given within a 12 month period must not exceed $1500 per family. Many families use gifts to make repairs to their homes, purchase additional food, buy furniture, cookware etc.
  • Compassion centre gift
    From $50 to a maximum of $3000 in total, annually

    These can be given once-off or no more than quarterly. The total of all Compassion centre gifts given within a 12 month period must not exceed $3000 per project. Many projects are in need of equipment to enhance the quality of the program for the children. A centre receiving a gift may choose to purchase equipment such as a more energy-efficient stove, sporting or playground equipment or electric fans to improve the centre facilities and better serve the children.
  • Christmas gift
    We suggest that sponsors donate $30 per child annually to the Christmas Appeal

    Funds are pooled so that gifts can be purchased for all Compassion assisted children. (10 per cent of donations to Compassion’s Christmas Appeal are allocated to fundraising and administration.)
  • Graduation gift
    From $20 to a maximum of $3000, one off gift only

    A one off graduation gift may be given to a sponsored child during their final year in the Child Sponsorship Program. Compassion will advise you before the child you support graduates from the program.


2. Paper or cardboard items attached to your letters

Please make sure it’s a gift we can send. Due to potential postal and customs restrictions we CAN’T DELIVER* balloons, magnets, ribbons, teddy bears, dolls, sporting goods or anything made of metal or fabric. We CAN DELIVER anything flat, up to an A4 size and up to 6mm in thickness, made of paper or cardboard, such as postcards, bookmarks and photos.

Please ensure you write the child’s Compassion number on any item you attach to your letter.

* Items not meeting the mailing criteria will be donated to an Australian charity.


To give a financial gift to your sponsored child, please login to your “My Account” so this can be processed securely.

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