Am I able to contact my sponsored child on social media to communicate with them?

Updated Wednesday 01 March, 2017

We don’t recommend that you connect directly with your sponsored child via social media platforms; these communications are outside of any Compassion process and we couldn’t provide any assistance or guidance (such as answering questions or providing translations).

However, communicating with your sponsored child via social media (or through any other means) is entirely your choice.

We should point out that this type of contact carries some risk to your personal information, and we recommend you use discernment to ensure the communications you receive are actually from your child. It is often very difficult to determine in such cases whether you are engaging with the correct child, and there is the risk that your conversations and any information you share could be seen by others.

There is also the risk that you might perhaps be asked for financial or other assistance—Compassion wouldn’t be able to help you meet those requests, and we would encourage you to think through how you might respond in that scenario before it occurs.

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