Can a gift in my Will support my sponsored child?

Updated Tuesday 04 October, 2016

Yes. You can ensure your sponsored child is supported after you pass away until they graduate or leave the program. Please use the following wording in your Will:

"I give the sum of $ [insert amount]/or [insert percent] of my residuary estate/ or [describe item being gifted] item of property to Compassion Australia (ABN 67 001 692 566) to be applied in the first instance to the maintenance of my sponsorship of [insert name of child and identification number] until he/she reaches 22 years of age or ceases to be in the Compassion Child Sponsorship Program (whichever is earlier) and to apply any balance not used for his/her sponsorship to Compassion's general purposes. I direct that the receipt of the authorised officer of Compassion Australia will be a sufficient discharge to my trustees."

Please note: If your sponsored child departs the Compassion Child Sponsorship Program prior to their expected departure, the balance of the gifted funds will be allocated to support Compassion's programs most in need.

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