Can I send a gift like a soccer ball or doll to my sponsored child?

Updated Tuesday 04 October, 2016

We understand that many supporters would like to be able to buy and send a particular gift for their sponsored child, but unfortunately we can't send overseas parcels (because of possible theft, high customs charges for our country offices and postage costs). Instead, if you give a financial gift, our local centre staff will go shopping, on your behalf, to choose a gift to match your child's needs and cultural sensitivities. Such a gift will still bring great joy to your sponsored child and will also help to support the local economy in your sponsored child's community. One hundred per cent of money given for child gifts is spent on the gift; there is no administration cost taken from child, family or birthday gifts.

You can give a financial gift to your sponsored child through your My Account, or contact us to find out more about gifts.

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