Can I send my sponsored child a gift?

Updated Wednesday 12 November, 2014

Yes! You can give your sponsored child a monetary gift. When you give a gift of money to your sponsored child, child development centre staff will talk with them and their family and purchase a gift that they need. Where possible, gifts are bought within the community to help support the local economy.

You can give:

  • Christmas gifts: We recommend giving a minimum of $30 per sponsored child annually to the Christmas Appeal. Donations are pooled so that a gift can be purchased for each Compassion assisted child. Ten per cent of donations to Compassion's Christmas Appeal is allocated to administration and fundraising.
  • Child or student gifts: A minimum of $20 to a maximum of $150 can be given annually, up to two times per year. We recommend one of these be a birthday gift.
  • Family gifts: A minimum of $20 to a maximum of $1500 in total can be given annually. These gifts can be given once-off, or up to four times per year to assist your sponsored child's family.
  • Child development centre gifts: A minimum of $150 to a maximum of $3000 in total can be given annually. These can be given once-off, or up to four times per year, to assist a child development centre to purchase equipment or other items to enhance the quality of the program for the children.
  • Graduation gifts: A one-off gift of up to $3000 may be given during a child's final year in the Child Sponsorship Program. This can help set the child up for the future.

Limits are put on gift amounts due to the cost of currency exchanges, handling and possible jealousy or theft. You can include these gifts with your automatic payments. Apart from Christmas gifts, 100 per cent of your monetary donation is given to your sponsored child and family in goods or services.

For many families living in abject poverty, receiving a gift from their child's sponsor has the potential to radically change their circumstances. Once you communicate your intention to give a gift, particularly a family or graduation gift, we strongly recommended you follow through on your commitment to avoid severe disappointment for the family. You can be assured that their greatest need will be determined through personal consultations between our child development staff and the sponsored child's family.

We understand that many supporters would like to be able to choose a gift for their sponsored child, but unfortunately we can't send overseas parcels because of possible theft, high custom charges for our country offices and postage costs. Instead, purchasing gifts through project staff in your child's country ensures your gift matches your child's needs and cultural sensitivities and helps support the local economy.

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