Can I sponsor a specific mother and her baby in the Child Survival Program?

Updated Friday 11 September, 2015

Unfortunately, we can't offer one-to-one sponsorship of mothers and babies in the Child Survival Program. The Child Survival Program is focused on urgent interventions for mothers and babies in crisis situations. These situations mean that a mother or caregiver's participation in the program is sometimes irregular, and so the program structure is unable to incorporate individual sponsorship.

However, you can give a child development centre gift of up to $3000 annually. Child development centre gifts will be used for the benefit of all mothers and children in a particular centre's programs rather than an individual mother or child. Alternatively, Compassion's Child Sponsorship Program is specifically designed for one-to-one sponsorship, offering children and sponsors the opportunity to benefit from a two-way relationship.

You can:

Give a child development centre gift

Give to Mums and Babies

Sponsor a child

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