Can I sponsor siblings?

Updated Thursday 04 June, 2015

Compassion and our church partners aim to assist as many children living in poverty as is practical. Our Child Sponsorship Program helps to provide for children's spiritual, physical, socio-emotional and economic needs; this means there are inherent benefits to families of registered beneficiaries. Therefore, Compassion recommends that the number of registered beneficiaries within a single family should be limited in order that more of the community can be reached.

While Compassion International provides guidelines for registration, the decisions of which children are registered are ultimately made by local staff and the church within the community, who have in-depth and intimate knowledge of the community's needs. Local staff also meet with the families of children before they are registered and often have relationships with the family members through local church partners; they are able to form a good understanding of a family's‹and a child's‹everyday circumstances and needs and take those factors into account before and during the registration process. Local staff therefore sometimes register siblings if that's in their best judgment.

When supporters express a desire to sponsor siblings, we understand your motivation is to provide the most help you can to your sponsored child's family. While Compassion Australia can't arrange for siblings to be registered, we encourage you to give family gifts (100 per cent of which will be given to the child's family) to help them meet their most pressing needs.

We also encourage you to include sponsored children's siblings in your letters of encouragement, prayers and any paper-based gifts you might send (such as stickers and paper-based gifts).

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