Does child sponsorship cause jealousy among children who are not registered?

Updated Monday 09 February, 2015

In selecting which children to enrol in Compassion's Child Sponsorship Program, our local church partners follow a child selection process which gives priority to children with the greatest need, living within the surrounding community. In order to benefit as many families as possible, Compassion generally registers only one child from a family.

Rather than being jealous, the rest of the family usually considers one child's sponsorship a great blessing because the support they receive enables them to dedicate more of their financial resources to providing for other family members' needs. Our local church partners also try to include siblings and parents in many of the child development centre activities, particularly Christmas celebrations, and usually also offer other programs and activities like Sunday school and school holiday classes that are open to all children. The size of monetary gifts that sponsors can give their sponsored children is also limited to help avoid jealousy among the child's neighbours.

You can also help your sponsored child's siblings to feel involved by including them in your letters and prayers, or giving a family gift, which will benefit each member of the family.

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