Does Compassion rescue children from child labour and trafficking?

Updated Friday 22 April, 2016

Many of the children in Compassion's programs are at risk of dangerous situations such as child labour and trafficking. Compassion's role is one of prevention and protection with a two-pronged approach: Active Prevention through education and awareness for every child in our programs and Immediate Response through the Highly Vulnerable Children's fund interventions.

So does Compassion's Child Sponsorship Program help to prevent trafficking, and exploitation issues? The answer is yes. When a child is registered with the Child Sponsorship Program through their local church, they become part of a community that knows them as individuals, loves them and protects them. Compassion staff diligently monitor the well-being of each child and follow up on any children whose attendance to programs falls. In this sense, sponsorship helps mitigate the risk of a child being trafficked or exploited.

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