Does Mums and Babies only help children under age one?

Updated Friday 03 November, 2017

While Mums and Babies is specifically focused on supporting babies under age one and their mothers or caregivers, some children over the age of one may also benefit from your support.

This is because some of your donation may be used to cover the cost of shared resources that are enjoyed by children of all ages when they visit their Compassion centre. Shared resources usually include utilities like water and electricity, as well as employing a program director to oversee activities and cooks to prepare nutritious meals for children. Every child supported by Mums and Babies will benefit from these shared resources at some point, and will continue using these resources when they transition into Compassion’s Child Sponsorship Program at age one. Sharing resources in this way saves money overall by reducing duplication and administration costs.

Unless otherwise stated, 80 per cent of your donation to Mums and Babies is used for program activities on the field. Of this, at least 70 per cent will be used to support babies under age one with healthcare, nutritional care and much more, and up to 30 per cent may be used for program resources shared by all children.

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