Does my sponsored child receive Christian teaching through the Compassion program?

Updated Tuesday 04 October, 2016

Yes. Our programs are administered and delivered exclusively in partnership with Christian churches in the local community. Every child development centre is an outreach of one of these churches, and church staff and volunteers provide all Compassion assisted children with non-coercive, age and culture appropriate Christian teaching and church-run activities.

Compassion's partnership with local churches to implement our programs is a key part of our core strategy, and international experts support this approach. A January 2012 UNICEF report says: "Religious communities are uniquely positioned to promote equitable outcomes for the most vulnerable children and families. Their moral influence and extensive networks give them access to the most disenfranchised and deprived groups ... They are also grounded in philosophical frameworks that shape their call to community service into long-term commitments to achieving peace, justice and social equality."

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