Has Compassion ever closed down operations in an entire country before?

Updated Wednesday 01 March, 2017

The scale of this challenge—more than 147,000 children and 589 local church partners affected—is unparalleled in Compassion’s history. But there have been other instances in which we have had to make the difficult decision to close operations in entire countries.

For example, Compassion International made the difficult decision to close down its work in Indonesia in 1984. Yet we were able re-open programs there in 1988, and expand to such a point that we opened a second office—East Indonesia—in 2005.

We were also forced to close our programs in the Democratic Republic of Congo when war broke out there in the 1990s—ongoing instability in that nation has meant that we haven’t yet been able to return.

These examples are not indicative of what will happen in India, but they show that we have made similar decisions in the past when circumstances made them necessary, and that we are willing to follow God’s leading when it comes to the future—whatever it might hold.

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