Have other NGOs been affected by these changes?

Updated Wednesday 15 March, 2017

We know that many other organisations—both Christian and secular—have been affected. We can’t really speak to how other NGOs have been affected by these restrictions in terms of their operational ability. According to one Indian news source, the government was “closely watching” 19 organisations (including Compassion) as recently as July 2016, but as to what that specifically means for them or for their work, we’re not sure.

To give a sense of the scale of events: A recent report in the Guardian said, “Twenty-five organisations were denied the right to receive foreign funding in November [2016] because of ‘activities not conducive to the national interest’, India’s home ministry said, and more than 11,000 failed to renew their licences.”

In fact, India placed constraints on over 20,000 NGOs whose primary funding was supplied from out of the country, with 300 organisations facing restrictions similar to Compassion.

We have heard that some other Christian organisations are still able to get funds through to their local programs in India. It’s likely that Compassion was affected because we were the biggest Christian NGO working in India—and therefore the most visible to the government—but we were not given a formal reason from the government as to why our funding was restricted, so it’s difficult to be certain of this conclusion.

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