How can I give a gift to my sponsored child?

Updated Friday 23 September, 2016

You can make an extra financial contribution to send your sponsored child a birthday, general or family gift through your My Account. When you give a birthday, general or family gift to your sponsored child, local child development centre staff will talk with them and their family and purchase a gift that they need; 100 per cent of your gift goes to your sponsored child and their family.

Log in to My Account.

Click on the ҐMy Financial Details' tab.

Select ҐGive a Gift'.

Choose what type of gift you would like to give: birthday, general or family.

Select how often you would like the gift to be deducted: one-time, annually, semi-annually or quarterly. Please note than birthday gifts can only be one-time or annually.

Enter the amount you would like to give. Please note there are limits for gifts.

Click the blue ҐConfirm' button.

Repeat this process to add multiple gifts for your sponsored children.

Once you are happy with the gifts selected, a payment summary will appear towards the bottom of the page for one-time gifts. Birthday gifts will not appear here as they are deducted two months before your sponsored child's birthday.

Select your payment method.

Click the blue ҐConfirm' button.

Please note: If you would like to cancel a recurring gift, please call 1300 22 44 53.

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