How do I give a gift to Compassion in my Will?

Updated Tuesday 04 October, 2016

By including a gift to Compassion in your Will, you have the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy on the lives of children living in poverty around the world.

There are different types of gifts you can include in your Will.

  • A residuary gift: a gift of all or a portion of what is left in your estate after specific gifts, taxes and debts are fulfilled.
  • A specific gift: a gift of a particular item of property which can be used by Compassion to generate funds, such as a house, furniture, artwork, shares, or the proceeds of a named bank account.
  • A pecuniary gift: a gift of a set dollar amount determined by you at the time of making your Will.

It is a good idea to seek legal advice on including a bequest in your Will to ensure your gift is valid and effective. We can help you with this process, including helping you find a solicitor.

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