How does Compassion decide who is included in its programs?

Updated Friday 16 September, 2016

The child development centre staff in each country decide which children join the Child Sponsorship Program and which mothers and babies join the Child Survival Program, as they have the best understanding of the needs in their area. Each child development centre will have a clearly documented process and criteria for selecting the most vulnerable families in their area who can benefit from our programs.

Firstly, particular communities in need are identified and assessed. Then, parents within those communities are told about Compassion's programs and invited to register their children. Child development centre staff then speak to other community members to verify the circumstances of the families and determine which children have the greatest need and prioritise these children. These families will include those with at-risk children, children with special needs, children affected by HIV/AIDS, and for the Child Survival Program, mothers who have miscarried in previous pregnancies. Generally, only one child per family is sponsored so that the benefit of sponsorship is spread as widely as possible throughout the community.

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