How does Critical Needs work with Child Sponsorship?

Updated Friday 16 September, 2016

Child Sponsorship and Critical Needs giving are both essential to equip the local churches Compassion partners with to release children from the four forms of poverty; spiritual, socio-emotional, physical and economic. Without the additional funding provided through Critical Needs, there are not enough resources to meet the diversity of needs to ensure children enrolled in Compassion's programs are released from poverty.

While the Child Sponsorship Program connects one child with one sponsor, Critical Needs giving is not directed to one child but helps thousands of children in our programs. Funds raised through Critical Needs goes towards Critical Interventions in the countries where Compassion works. These interventions are both reactive and proactive, and could include things such as water filters to provide safe water to a community, reconstruction of homes after natural disaster, or income generating activitites for adolescents and their caregivers. Every child in Compassion's programs will benefit from funding through a Critical Need at some point during their time with Compassion.

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