How has the closure affected my sponsored child and his/her project?

Updated Wednesday 15 March, 2017

After many months without receiving any funds, all centres have stopped their Compassion programs entirely. But the local churches will continue to support, encourage and minister to the children as best they can.

Each program centre’s staff has told the children and their families about the developments as they judge best—the local staff are the ones best placed to have these conversations.

Compassion has helped local staff explain to the children and their families that this is not due to anything they’ve done or through anyone’s fault; it is affecting every project. Staff will emphasise the sponsors’ love and support for the children and, where possible, the church’s continued commitment to them.

Regrettably, we have discontinued our partnership with these churches. We encouraged them to continue ministering to children and their families in whatever ways they are able. While the situation for each local church is different, the heart and passion to serve the children in their communities is the same. We are very hopeful that meaningful ministry and support will continue in some manner, even if it is not to the degree it exists today through the help of our generous sponsors. This is one reason why Compassion chooses to work in partnership with local churches. While the Compassion program may close, the child’s local church will remain in the community.

Despite the end of Compassion’s work in India, we know that God’s work has not ended in children’s lives. We serve a faithful, mighty God who will continue to nurture, develop and lead His precious children. The local partners remain committed to their communities. And the investment you have made in your sponsored child’s life will not be forgotten.

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