How much does sponsorship cost?

Updated Wednesday 10 February, 2016

Sponsorship costs $48 per month per sponsored child. This money helps supply resources to local field churches partnering with us, and provide a range of benefits to the children who are registered in the program, including:

  • The opportunity to hear the gospel in a culturally relevant way
  • Learning opportunities, school supplies and assistance with school fees as needed
  • Health care such as medical check-ups, dental care and vaccinations
  • Nutritious meals as required
  • Key life skills and vocational training programs
  • Individualised care and attention

For an additional donation of $12 a month (or another amount of your choosing) you can support Critical Needs. There are ten Critical Needs funds you can choose from to support, depending on what areas you are passionate about. Each Critical Need addresses an area of need for children that is beyond the reach of sponsorship. Critical Needs provides customised solutions to help thousands of children overcome obstacles to their development and be released from poverty in Jesus' name.

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