How much of what I fundraise is used for administration and advertising?

Updated Friday 21 March, 2014

We have teamed up with online fundraisers Everyday Hero and GoFundraise to make fundraising for Compassion easy. Around 10 per cent of donations raised through these online services is used to cover their website administration and advertising costs, and 10 per is used by Compassion towards administration and fundraising activities that generate further support. So a total of 20 per cent is allocated to administration and fundraising, and 80 per cent is used for the direct benefit of children in our programs.

The 10 per cent fee charged by Compassion's online fundraising partners is considerably less than the cost for Compassion to administer fundraising services directly. We estimate that partnering with online fundraising services save an extra $10 for every $100 you raise, which will directly benefit the children in our programs.

We greatly value the time and effort that individuals like you spend fundraising for children living in poverty. Compassion couldn't continue to serve children in need without your support. Thank you!

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