How much time does my sponsor child spend at the Compassion child development centre?

Updated Friday 22 April, 2016

The amount of time or days your sponsored child spends at their local child development centre will depend on the country and community they live in. A unique aspect of Compassion's programs is that they are run in partnership with local churches and implemented by people from the local community. Each church partner has the freedom to contextualise Compassion's programs in ways that meet the needs of their particular community, while still following Compassion's general guidelines. We call this 'freedom within a framework.'

For example, in Kenya, six- to eight-year-old children attend the Compassion child development centre for eight hours each Saturday. They are unable to come during the week as they are busy with school and chores and because the distance many of them have to walk makes it impractical for them to come more frequently. However in Bangladesh for example, it is different. Six- to eight-year-old children in Bangladesh visit the Compassion centre six days a week-five hours a day from Monday through to Friday and eight hours on Saturday. Schools in Bangladesh don't generally start until 10:30am, so children go to the Compassion child development centre before and after school. This is just one example of the variety of ways a Compassion child development centre can contextualise its program to fit the community they work in.

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