I sponsor a child in India. What should I do?

Updated Wednesday 01 March, 2017

If you sponsor a child in India, you will soon receive a letter which explains in more detail what has happened and what will happen next. In that letter, you will find a letter template so you can write some final words of hope and encouragement to your sponsored child.

Please write and return this letter to us by the end of the month. Our office in India is closing on 15 March so we cannot translate or deliver your letter through our normal channels, but we’re committed to doing everything we can to see your words of love and affirmation get to your sponsored child. There’s no guarantee your letter will get through, but please take a few moments to write—it will mean so much.

Please also take some time to process this news in the best way that works for you, and keep praying for the children and church partners in India, as well as Compassion staff there.

We will be in contact with you from 15 March.

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