I used to give a gift to my sponsored child to give them additional help in meeting the costs of education. What will this mean for those gifts?

Updated Wednesday 15 March, 2017

All funds for India, including additional family, child and birthday gifts were held and weren’t able to get through to your sponsored child. We’re very sorry for that—we worked very hard to open up a way to get funding through to India because we knew that your sponsorship and your gifts were helping to meet really important needs, such as education costs.

We recommend directing these funds to Compassion’s Where Most Needed fund. By doing this, you will meet the children’s most pressing and urgent needs. Our church partners all around the world work hard to identify the most pressing needs facing the children at their centres, and the Where Most Needed fund addresses these. They could be needs for safe water, proper toilets, education resources and programs, specific medical interventions, and so on.

But we are open to your leading as to how you would like to use the money you have given … do you have any particular thoughts about that?

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