If I need to cancel my sponsorship, what are my options?

Updated Thursday 22 September, 2016

Your relationship with your sponsored child is valuable. For this reason, we believe that it's important for both the sponsor and the sponsored child to continue with a sponsorship if at all possible. However, we also understand that from time to time you may experience difficulty (financial or otherwise) in being able to continue your sponsorship.

If you need to cancel your support for your sponsored child, please call us on 1300 22 44 53 and a staff member will help you.

We may also be able to offer some options so you can continue to support your sponsored child if that is your preference (options one and two) or instead support the broader work of releasing children from poverty in Jesus' name (option three).

Option 1 Reduce your monthly sponsorship contribution for six months to an amount between $24 and $48 per child, depending on what you can afford.

Option 2 Request that Compassion cover three months of your financial contribution so that you will not need to provide contributions for that period. Your contributions will then recommence the following month unless you request otherwise.

Option 3 Consider supporting Compassion's Critical Needs by giving a monthly contribution of your choice. This means you will no longer be sponsoring an individual child, but your support can make a life-changing difference to thousands of children by providing safe water, education and training, disaster relief and much more.

Please note that options may be limited for sponsors who have been sponsoring a child for a short time. If you have any questions, please email us at compassion@compassion.com.au

Thank you for joining us in the commitment to release child from poverty in Jesus' name.

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