Is Compassion’s work at risk in other countries?

Updated Wednesday 15 March, 2017

As countries experience government or political changes, there is always a chance that they may take a different view of our activities. We continue to assess and evaluate the level of risk in each country in which we operate so we can be as proactive as possible if the risk increases.

This situation in India came about because of specific government restrictions, not because of any action that Compassion took or anything we did wrong. All of our legal advice (both from sources in India and internationally) tells us we did not break any law.

In all of the countries where we work, we rigorously ensure we comply with local authorities and legal frameworks in order to establish long-term partnerships with local churches.

It’s critical that we understand the cultural and relational factors at play in these nations as well as the specific laws governing the work of not-for-profit organisations like Compassion. Our local staff and deep partnerships give us a strong foundation from which to operate our programs and ensure our longevity.

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