Sending money seems impersonal. How can I give my sponsored child something that I have chosen?

Updated Tuesday 04 October, 2016

We understand that many supporters would like to be able to choose a gift for their sponsored child, but unfortunately we can't send overseas parcels because of possible theft, high customs charges for our country offices, and postage costs.

Because of this, we can't deliver balloons, magnets, ribbons, teddy bears, dolls, sporting goods, books or anything made of metal or fabric. We can deliver anything flat, up to an A4 size and up to 6mm in thickness, made of paper or carboard, such as postcards, bookmarks and photos. Please ensure you write your sponsored child's Compassion number on any item you send.

In place of sending a physical gift to your sponsored child, giving a financial gift means that local centre staff in your child's community will be able to talk with your sponsored child and their family and purchase a gift locally. This ensures your gift matches your child's needs and cultural sensitivities and helps support the local economy.

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