What are the current ways of supporting Mums and Babies and how are they going to change?

Updated Friday 11 September, 2015

At the moment supporters give to Mums and Babies in one of two ways: 1. Some supporters give to the Child Survival Program Fund that is globally distributed. For these supporters, the only change will be the way in which we refer to this work. 2. Some supporters give to a specific Child Survival Program centre. If you are one such valued supporter, please be assured that mothers, caregivers and babies of your currently elected Child Survival Program centre will still receive the same loving care and attention they always have. As we work towards supporting more Child Survival Program centres, your giving will now go to serve Compassion assisted mothers, caregivers and babies worldwide. By moving to funding that is more flexible, Compassion can be more responsive to supporting these centres and more as they open in the future.

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