What is a Gift of Compassion?

Updated Thursday 22 September, 2016

Gifts of Compassion are real goods and services given to children and families in Compassion child development centres around the world when you purchase an item from the Gifts of Compassion catalogue. For every Gift of Compassion you order, you will receive a gift card to personalise for your friends and loved ones.

Funds raised from the Gifts of Compassion catalogue are used to support Compassion's Critical Needs, which remove obstacles to children's development and implement preventative action. These interventions include providing safe water, disaster relief, emergency medical care, vocational training, infrastructure, and much more: all issues that need to be addressed for a child to be released from poverty.

Compassion Australia uses Gifts of Compassion funds to meet the project needs represented in the catalogue.

You can:

  • Give a Gift of Compassion
  • Contact us to request more copies of the Gifts of Compassion catalogue to distribute at your church or workplace

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