What is Sponsorship Plus?

Updated Thursday 22 September, 2016

Every Compassion assisted child will, at some point, require care beyond sponsorship's reach. We therefore offer critical assistance to meet the needs of sponsored children that cannot be met through child sponsorship alone.

Up until February 2016, the way supporters could give to meet these additional needs was through Sponsorship Plus. By giving an added $12 or more each month you helped to provide for additional interventions and community development activities at child development centres around the world.

In February 2016, we launched Critical Needs in order to provide you with greater flexibility and more choice in terms of the needs you could help to meet.

Your support for Critical Needs helps provide customised care for all registered children, allows for increased preventative action, and continues Compassion's ministry to release children from all forms of poverty in Jesus' name.

You can choose to give toward nine Critical Needs:

  • Water and Sanitation: Provide access to safe water and sanitation.
  • Mothers and Babies: Support vulnerable mothers and their babies during the critical years of life.
  • Highly Vulnerable Children: Protect children living in high-risk situations.
  • Education and Training: Provide further education and training to help reach God-given potential.
  • Disaster Relief: Provide emergency relief and ongoing support following disaster.
  • Income Generation: Empower young people and families to be economically self-supporting.
  • Infrastructure: Provide structures that promote safety, dignity and stability for children.
  • Health: Provide emergency medical care, nutrition and ongoing treatment.
  • Where Most Needed: Give to the current greatest need for children and their families.

You can:

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