What sort of development work does Compassion do?

Updated Friday 09 September, 2016

Compassion primarily works with individual children through our Child Sponsorship Program.We have been involved in individual child development for about 60 years. During this time we have discovered that working with children is a highly effective way of changing communities because changed people inevitably change their circumstances. Compassion's holistic child development model is designed to help reduce the vulnerability of children and their families and build their resilience through year-round nutrition, health, education and income generation support. Sponsoring a child provides them with a safety net against crisis situations, like famine and drought.

Community development is also important, and addressing the external circumstances of poverty in a geographical area supplements our child development focus. When a tragedy strikes an area where we have child development centres, we involve ourselves in short-term relief projects as a means of stabilising the environment so that child development can continue. These community development initiatives take place through Critical Needs and include activities such as providing clean water, infrastructure and disaster relief.

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