When will my sponsored child complete Compassion's Child Sponsorship Program?

Updated Friday 14 March, 2014

Sponsored children graduate from the Child Sponsorship Program once they have completed primary school or a vocational training course. Depending on the community and the child's situation, they may also complete secondary education before graduating. The age of children completing the program varies from country to country, depending on the education system, but generally ranges between 18 and 22 years old. Every teenager registered in our programs writes a plan for their future, including their likely date for graduation. You are welcome to write to your older sponsored child and ask about what is in their 'My Plan for Tomorrow'.

Compassion's Child Sponsorship Program works towards holistic development of children, so that when they graduate they are:

  • Healthy and able to make wise decisions about their health
  • Motivated with skills to be economically self-supporting
  • Able to interact with others in a healthy and compassionate manner
  • Given the opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel message

Sometimes, a child may leave the program before graduation. A child may leave the program earlier if their family moves from the area, if their home situation improves, or if their family chooses to withdraw them.

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