Why does Mums and Babies now focus on supporting children under age one?

Updated Friday 03 November, 2017

There are two reasons why Compassion Mums and Babies is now focused on supporting children from the womb to age one:

  1. Our world’s youngest children need urgent support. Despite progress, around 4.5 million babies born this year won’t reach their first birthday. And more than two million will die within a month of taking their first breath. Mums and Babies provides a targeted response to this global issue of infant mortality.
  2. Children can now be sponsored from age one. On their first birthday, a child supported by Mums and Babies will transition into Compassion's Child Sponsorship Program, where they will continue to receive personalised home-based care. This allows Mums and Babies to focus strongly on survival—the first step to releasing a child from poverty.

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