Why has the Child Survival Program changed names?

Updated Friday 11 September, 2015

The Child Survival Program remains the official name for Compassion's program that leads the fight against poverty-related deaths in mothers and their babies living in the developing world. In the countries where we work, the term Child Survival Program will still be used. There are two main reasons we will now refer to this as 'Mums and Babies' in Australia:

  1. We want to ensure the language used when talking about Compassion's work with mothers before, during and after giving birth is understood clearly. For those not aware of this work the term 'child survival' may lead them to believe they are giving to older children with survival requirements, which is in fact the work of our Child Sponsorship Program and other Critical Needs.
  2. We want more Australians to know that they can make an impact in the lives of thousands of mothers, babies and caregivers.

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