"Dark horse" of Australian charities: Compassion Australia

03 Mar, 2014

Out-ranking some of Australia’s best known charities to be named among the nation’s top five fundraisers, Compassion Australia has proved that you can’t beat real relationships.

Compassion Australia is one of Australia’s top five charity fundraisers, according to a ranking revealed at the Fundraising Institute Australia’s annual conference in Melbourne this week.

Based on research by Pareto Fundraising, child development organisation Compassion Australia comes in at number four on the list of the nation’s top fundraisers, behind World Vision, Salvation Army Eastern and Salvation Army Southern. Australian Red Cross rounds out the top five.

Pareto’s Co-founder Sean Triner has described Compassion Australia as the “dark horse” of the fundraising top five. Though Compassion is not as well-known as the other top performers, Triner says its fundraising success is proof that connecting with the correct target audience trumps widespread brand awareness.

Compassion is a Christian ministry that partners with churches and their members in Australia to support its child sponsorship program, which is operated by churches in 25 countries across the developing world.

Amy Lanham, Communications Manager of Compassion Australia, says: “Compassion Australia’s approach to fundraising is based on relationships—between Compassion and our supporters, and between supporters and their sponsored children. Even during the recent financial uncertainty in Australia, our supporters have shown a real commitment to those relationships—they are amazing!”

CEO Tim Hanna agrees: “A meaningful, genuine connection with our supporters is at the core of Compassion Australia’s work. Our supporters don’t just fund our work in releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name—they are actually a fundamental part of it. The relationship that sponsors build with their sponsored children is a key part of our programs’ effectiveness in changing children’s lives.”

Pareto’s research also found that 87 per cent of funds raised by Australian charities are the result of face-to-face marketing. Australia’s most generous state (based on giving per capita) is NSW, followed by the ACT and Victoria.

About Compassion Australia

Compassion is Australia’s second largest child sponsorship organisation and is part of Compassion International, a global network of both funding countries and 25 developing countries. Together we are a Christian child development and child advocacy ministry working in partnership with local churches to foster the spiritual, economic, social, physical and emotional development of over 1.4 million children living in extreme poverty. More than 100,000 of these children are currently supported by over 73,000 Australian sponsors. For more information, visit www.compassion.com.au

About Fundraising Institute Australia:

Fundraising Institute Australia advances philanthropy through encouraging and supporting people and organisations to ethically practice excellence in fundraising.

For more information, visit www.fia.org.au

About Pareto Fundraising:

Pareto Fundraising works with nonprofit organisations to increase their income by analysing their activity and supporter data, then using these findings to create personalised and targeted fundraising communications.

For more information, visit www.paretofundraising.com (original article can be found here).


For interviews with Communications Manager Amy Lanham or CEO Tim Hanna, or for more information, please contact:

Berlinda Fortin – Media Specialist

Ph. (02) 4935 5000 ext. 1238

Mob. 0437 220 128

Email bfortin@compassion.com.au

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