25 Quotes From Kid's Letters That Will Make You Laugh

Sometimes things get lost in translation, but a lot of it comes down to the children's awesome personalities! Here are our favourite things children have said in their letters.

03 Oct, 2017

25 Quotes From Kid's Letters That Will Make You Laugh

“I work hard in school. But I like the parrots at the zoo more.”

“I wore a track suit when I went out to the pool.”

“I have been at home all week pestering the goats.”

Do You Believe In Mermaids

“I hope to go where the butterflies live someday because I like them, one day a butterfly was on my head, I walked slowly so I do not move her and it was funny.”

“What kind of rice do YOU grow?”

Chicken Funeral

“I am sometimes mischievous.”

“I drew some cricket players for you but I also grew some flowers because you are a lady. Which do you like best: cricket or flowers? I think flowers are pretty but cricket is exciting so cricket is better. God thinks cricket is better too and He is good at cricket.”

“I tell you that I got very good grades, and thank God I am getting a vacation next week.”

Tenderness Of Monkey

“I saw the soccer world cup in South Africa on television. You told me your husband can play soccer very well so I think I saw him play!”

“Do you know about Mickey Mouse? Is he a real mouse?”

Noisy Twin Babies

“You looked very pretty, but the only thing I like about weddings is the food.”

“I wish you would take good care of your health and eat food that has 5 group of vitamin.”

“I like to climb my house’s roof to fly kites but my grandma doesn’t let me do that.”

Goat Gave Birth To Lamps

“I felt sad when my doggie died. One of the funniest moments I have had in my life was when my brother had pee in the bed and I laughed a lot. If I was an animal, I would like to be a butterfly.”

“That is so nice that you have a dog. I have never had a dog before. Are they good to eat?”

Udon Looks Like Tapeworms

“If you someday come to see me in Haiti, we will consume corn together.”

“I want to be a teacher because I want to be able to wear heels.”

“I love you as a fish loves water.”

Write a letter to your sponsored child, maybe you’ll get one of these gems!

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