When a New Year rolls around, most of us set about making New Year’s resolutions. In order to make sure we achieve our resolutions, let’s look to children as an example when it comes to setting goals.

1. Keep it simple

You don’t put a steak dinner in front of a baby and expect them to tuck in, you have to work up to it (in this case, over many years!). Babies start out on milk, move to puree, and (very) eventually work their way up to solids. It’s a similar principles with achieving goals—there’s often lots of small steps between you and the ultimate result. It’s far easier to take steps towards something than it is to leap or jump! Don’t set yourself up to fail before you even begin.

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2. Play nice

There’s nothing wrong with self-care. It’s not selfish. In fact, it’s essential to helping others. While being kind to yourself is paramount, so is extending that kindness to others. It’s important to take care of yourself, but be mindful of not intentionally harming others in the process. It’s a helpful reminder that Jesus died for every single person in the world, not just the people you like. So play nice, think about your words and your actions and ask yourself if you’re glorifying God.


3. Give in to childlike obsession

One of the greatest things about children is how focused they become on something they’re interested in. When kids play dress-ups, they no longer answer to ‘Isaac’ or ‘Emily’—they are now Batman or Queen Elsa! It consumes them and all their attention goes into it. Take a leaf from their book and single-handedly pursue your goals. Why not use 2016 as an opportunity to consume yourself with God?


4. Help out a friend

Poverty is overwhelming. You can’t, and shouldn’t expect to, change the situation for all people living in poverty. But there are things you can do to make a difference and every little bit helps. Be the nice kid on the playground and help out those who need it.

Sponsoring a child can be a big financial commitment to some while to others it’s barely noticeable when the money leaves your account every month. If you aren’t in a financial position to commit to sponsoring a child, there are other ways to support the work of Compassion and, in turn, support children living in poverty.

You can host a Compassion Sunday event in your church. You can purchase a Gift of Compassion as a gift for a loved one, or even just for yourself (how often can you buy yourself a cow?). You can give to support Mums and Babies. You can fundraise for Compassion. You can join us in prayer.

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5. Take a lesson from children

Keep it simple. Play more, laugh more, and enjoy the little things in life. Find joy in each day. Find wonder in our Almighty God.

Words by Monique Wallace

Photos by Paul Sherar, Ian Johnson, Tonny Tunya, Chuck Bigger and Paul Mergard

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