Urmi and her family lost everything in a devastating slum fire. But hope wasn't lost.

The tangled power lines sway precariously over the slum in Dhaka, Bangladesh, looking like an unusual piece of art—the stolen electricity supply flowing sporadically from the main supply cable through the crude and dangerous electrical lines.

Suddenly a short circuit in the early morning erupts into a heavy fire spreading and destroying houses in the slum. Within a few minutes the whole area is engulfed in black smoke. People scramble to escape with their lives as household goods and homes are destroyed by the inferno.

Compassion sponsored child Urmi and her family lost everything in the slum fire.

“Nothing was left that could be used,” says Anguri, Urmi’s mother. “I was so anxious about the coming days. We spent nights beside the damaged walls of my house. It wouldn’t have been possible for me to restart my family life.”

As an immediate response to the situation, Compassion staff members served cooked food and water to the affected families and provided them with clothes. Anguri and her family were provided with a new house within a month. Compassion paid for all the materials as well as the costs of labour.

“Compassion provided us with food, water and money at the initial stage. After that they have provided us a new house. I didn’t expect this much from them. They acted like our true guardian,” says Anguri.

Buildings are more than just bricks and mortar—they provide children with safety, security, and hope for the future.

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By David Adhikary and Monique Wallace

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