Christmas in India

In India, they love to spread the message about the birth of Christmas on Christmas Day in the form of a Christmas celebration filled with song, dance and competitions.

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Christmas in India

A few Compassion child development centres in India spread the real message of Christmas – Christ’s birth, through song. The stage is decorated in Christmas trees with a manger scene, a Christmas star, streamers, coloured lights and bits of tinsel.

Christmas skits and plays are performed, carols are sung, and competitions are held. It is a time of fun and laughter, a time when children get to experience God’s love for them. Best of all, the children enjoy receiving Christmas gifts from the sponsors.

For most children, their gift from their sponsor is their only gift and the delicious Christmas meal of spicy chicken biriyani is their only Christmas meal. For many parents, it is the first time they hear the Christmas story and the gospel.

The Christmas season is incomplete without choirs singing carols to share the Christmas message.

Words by Jayaseelan Enos and Monique Wallace
Photo by Jayaseelan Enos

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