An inspiring true story: a 30 minute documentary

Meet the Hopper’s from Mackay, Queensland: motorbike enthusiasts who love nothing better than a family adventure on two wheels. But their greatest journey begins when they sponsor Juan David, a little boy living in poverty in the Dominican Republic.

As their bond strengthens, the Hopper’s discover the impact they have had on Juan David—a brilliant medical student who longs to serve his community—and he on them. Yet their deepest understanding of their relationship will come when they meet face to face. One epic journey remains. It’s time to saddle up and ride.

Download the film:

Download HD (500MB) | Download SD (161MB)

Produced and directed by Andy Meier.

Inspired by the Hopper’s incredible story of meeting Juan David? See firsthand how Compassion child sponsorship is changing lives by travelling with us on an Insight Trip. You’ll meet children in Compassion’s program and witness the challenges confronting those living in poverty.

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