When a mum in Tanzania struggled to feed her children, the gift of a goat gave them hope for the future.

As a young child growing up in Tanzania, eating breakfast each day wasn’t a given for Antony. Each morning he’d wake up, stomach growling, and walk over hopefully to his mum. Sometimes she had a big grin and would pass him a cup of milk. But more often, she couldn’t meet his eyes and just told him to get ready for school. It all depended on the generosity of their neighbours, or whether she had managed to scrape together enough money to afford their breakfast of goat’s milk.

Owning their own goat was unimaginable. That would have required training in how to care for it, food to feed it, and the money to buy the animal in the first place: things Antony’s family simply didn’t have.

But one day, everything changed. As a child registered in Compassion’s Child Sponsorship Program, staff recognised that Antony’s family needed extra support. They were given a goat to help provide them with a source of food and income. And their goat was extra special.

“I think God saw me and the need that I have. That is how I ended up being among the first ones to get the goat,” says Lillian, Antony’s mum. “And just two days after receiving the goat, it gave birth. After a week we started getting milk which has been a blessing for my family.” A gift of a goat provides more than just milk. Lillian also went through extensive training which she can use in the future and even teach to her neighbours.

“We got several skills from the training that we were able to attend,” she says. “First of all, the seminar was able to teach us how to grow the grasses that the goat needs. But we were also taught how to build a house to safely keep our goat.”

Today, the family has a whole herd of goats. And when Antony wakes up in the morning with a grumbling stomach, he no longer worries about when he’ll next eat. He knows there will be nutritious milk to drink.

“There’s always plenty of milk to drink and sell,” he says. “I’m thankful for my goat and the blessing they are for my family.”

When you provide goats for a family living in poverty, you are providing them with hope for a different future. Your gift is not a temporary solution but a long-term one that can help a mum like Lillian provide security for her children. Gift a goat today.

3 Quick Goat Facts

  • A single cup of goat’s milk contains almost 35 per cent of your daily needs for calcium, and it is extremely high in vitamin B2, offering at least 20 per cent of the daily minimum.

  • Children who drink goat’s milk are getting high amounts of vitamin B12, protein, calcium and potassium with every cup of goat milk they drink.

  • Raising goats are an inexpensive farm animal, making goats a great resource for families living in poverty.

Words by Zoe Noakes

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