The Things Kids Say: Part Two

Next up in our ‘The Things Kids Say’ series is 10-year-old José. José is in grade four in Brazil, he loves learning about Jesus and has big dreams for the future.

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An interview with a 10 year old

What do you like most at the centre?

I like the Christian class. It is great to learn about Jesus’ birth and death. We read the Bible and learn about Jesus’ life.

What is your favourite subject and why?

Geography, because we learn about places and vegetation. I like it!

What subject is hard for you?

Portuguese language. I’m always confusing the spelling of the words!

What do you want to be when you grow up and why?

A lawyer. I want to help people solve the problems they are involved in. You know, they’re misunderstood. I also want to earn money. I’ll donate the money I get to an orphanage.


What does your sponsor write in his letters?

When he writes, it is always on special date. He is interested in my life. I think he is worried about me, because he always asks me how I’m doing. I return his letter saying: ‘Hi, how are you?’ and when it is his birthday, I send him congratulations.

What do you like to write to him about?

I like to show him everything I’ve learned here at the centre. Sometimes I feel like I’m teaching him new things.

Have you ever gotten in trouble?

Yes. Once, I fed the fish more than they needed. They are lucky they are still alive!

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Words by Ana Rafaela and Amy Millar
Photo by Ana Rafaela

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