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With our homes sturdily built to withstand even severe storms, the pitter patter of rain on our rooftops is rarely cause for concern. But during India’s monsoon season between July and September landslides in the hilly terrains are common and threaten nearby communities where homes are feebly constructed from mud bricks.


Tharu is a Compassion assisted child who lives in one of these areas of India vulnerable to landslides.  One rainy night, Tharu’s sister Kalpana was stunned by a rock suddenly hit her head. Soon, the sound of the rain was overpowered by multiple rocks hitting their roof. Terrified, Tharu, Kalpana and their family ran from the house. As they stood outside in the moonlight, drenched in the rain, they watched the rear wall of their house collapse from the landslide, and mud slush engulf their house. Tharu and his family lost everything.

Staff from Tharu’s nearby Compassion centre were alerted, and immediately jumped into action. Tharu and his family, along with other affected families received emergency shelter, food and bedding. Thanks to Compassion’s Disaster Relief Fund and the many supporters who selflessly donated, Tharu and his family were able to build a safe home with bricks and iron rods, instead of mud.

“I cannot tell you what Tharu would be doing and where we would have lived if he was not in the Compassion program. [Compassion has] given us a better home and rekindled our hope for the future,” says Kalpana.

Buildings are more than just bricks and mortar - they provide children with safety, security, and hope for the future.

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