Your Selfie Could Help Change a Child's Life

On Saturday 16 September, post a selfie on social media with your sponsored child’s photo to show how simple it is to help change the life of a child living in poverty.

08 Sep, 2017

Your Selfie Could Help Change a Child's Life

#SponsorSelfieDay is coming!

It’s one day where Compassion sponsors all over the world share a selfie with their sponsored child’s photo to show how simple it is to help change the life of a child in poverty.

On Saturday 16 September, we’d love you to post a selfie with your sponsored child’s photo, or a pic of their photo on your fridge or wall, and tell your friends and followers why you sponsor.

More than 80,000 Australians sponsor children through Compassion. Imagine how many children’s lives we can help change if we all shared about our sponsored children on the one day.

Sponsor Selfie Day

A global movement

The cool part? We’re going global with this. Our friends in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom are involved too. That’s more than one million sponsors! How incredible will it be to see Compassion supporters flooding social media with photos of children being released from poverty in Jesus’ name? But we need your help. It won’t be the same without you.

Let’s use social media for good and celebrate the impact that child sponsorship is having on both you and the child or teen you sponsor. Your post might even help a friend decide to sponsor a child of their own, too.

What to do

On Saturday 16 September:

1. Share a photo of your sponsored child on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

This could be a selfie with their photo, a pic of their profile photo, or even a photo of their profile on your fridge. If you took a sponsor trip to meet him or her, share a photo of that special moment!

2. Write why you’re a sponsor in the caption

This could be a simple sentence or a heartfelt paragraph!

3. Tag Compassion Australia and use the hashtag #SponsorSelfieDay

That’s it! Make sure you tag us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: we’ll be reposting our favourite photos throughout the day. If you want to share beyond your immediate friends, be sure your post’s privacy is set to ‘public’ on Facebook.

Need some inspiration?

Here are some examples of what you could post on the day.

My coffee addiction costs me • $5 per day... Working out at • $35 per week, • $151.7 per month and • $1820 per year, excluding the additional miscellaneous arvo brewed chai and/or the occasional cider that I need not be convinced to throw back!! At this rate alone three lives could be given an education, nourishing food, loving community and regular health checks. Gnarly hey! /// Ari, depicted here in the middle, has waited over 120 days since her photo was taken for this opportunity! Meanwhile I've spent $600 on my daily addiction. She's never had a coffee... Or a picture on Instagram. /// I'm not going to give up drinking coffee but I am going to start supporting one child because they need it more than I think "I need a coffee to survive" | Holla at if you wish to do the same! 💙

A post shared by emily rose flowers (@em_flowers) on

Get tagging

Make sure you tag us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Just search for 'Compassion Australia' or find our account details here:

Concerned about sharing information about your sponsored child online?

Be assured that Sponsor Selfie Day meets Compassion’s guidelines when it comes to publicly sharing information about the children in our program. We encourage supporters to avoid sharing sensitive child information (like whether a child is an orphan, was abandoned, or has a certain medical issue, and the town in which they live), but should feel free to share the child's photo, name, and their sponsorship story. We love to hear their stories and is such an encouragement to other supporters as well.

What if your friends have questions or want to sponsor?

Here are some handy resources.

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