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[1] What is Compassion Sunday?

Welcome to Compassion Sunday 2014! Compassion Sunday is a one-day event that will inspire your church family and friends to consider sponsoring a child with Compassion.

It’s exciting that so many Christians and churches around Australia are passionate about changing the world for children in need.

Thank you for being a part of Compassion Sunday 2014!

About Compassion Sunday:

When is Compassion Sunday?

Compassion Sunday officially takes place on Sunday 3 August 2014, but you can choose any date from March 2014 onward that works for you and your church or gathering. If you’d prefer to hold your event on a date before this one, please email

When should I talk to my church or group leaders?

Once you have read through the guidelines in your Planning Pack, watched the DVD and prayed for God’s leading, you are ready to take the next step and talk with your church leader, group leader or boss. It’s essential that you have your leader’s permission before confirming your Compassion Sunday event.

Make your Compassion Sunday event a celebration!

Whether you’re involving your whole church, your small group or Bible study, youth group, sporting club, workmates or family members, it’s important to remember that Compassion Sunday is a great chance to celebrate. After all, together, we are helping to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name!

For Pastors and Church Leaders:

Compassion Sunday will help you and your church:

[*] Respond to God’s call to help people living in poverty
[*] Spark a new sense of mission ... and more!
[*] Engage practically and creatively with issues of poverty
[*] Deepen prayer, worship and ministry

[2] Register Your Event.

By registering your event, you’re letting us know you may participate. You’ll also recieve our free planning pack.

Your Planning Pack features everything you need to plan a successful event, secure permission from your church leadership, and give a powerful presentation leading to many children being sponsored. The guide includes our latest Compassion Sunday videos and inspirational clips to show in the weeks leading up to your event.


[3] Confirm Your Event.

When you’ve decided on a date, it’s time to confirm your event and get all the resources you need to be cooking with gas! This year, there’s two ways you can access your resources and organise your sponsorships: in hard copy by mail or in a digital format online.

Option One: It’s in the mail

In order to receive your Resource Pack in the mail, you need to confirm your event before Friday 18 July 2014. Once you have confirmed your event, you will immediately be posted a customised Compassion Sunday Resource Pack.

Option Two: It’s all digital

When you select the digital option, you’ll be set up to download all of your posters, instruction guide and other resources. It’s as easy as click and print! If you choose the digital option, you will receive a link to your event’s exclusive webpage. This means on the day of your event, you can encourage your new sponsors to visit that page to sponsor a child using a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

[4] Download Resources.

Please download and use these resources to help promote your Compassion Sunday event. Don’t forget you can order your FREE Planning Pack anytime!


Compassion Sunday Planning Pack





Posters and flyers




Presentations and Sermon Outlines




Kids Activity Book




Kids Activity Book



Compassion Sunday Supporter Stories

Lil's Story

5 mins


Oli's Story

5 mins


The Kilpatrick's Story

5 mins


Tet's Story

5 mins



Compassion Sunday Promo Videos

One Day

1:15 mins


Ramp Up

0:35 mins


A Day for Change

0:45 mins


It Works

1:15 mins


Please Pray

0:40 mins



It Works: Child Sponsorship Program Videos


3:30 mins [Haiti]



4:40 mins [Rwanda]

Download Download - with Subtitles


2:30 mins [Philippines]



4:40 mins [Bangladesh]



4:00 mins [Kenya]


Juan David

3:10 mins [Dominican Republic]



3:30 mins [Ecuador]


Lillian - Full

4:05 mins [Uganda]

Download Download - with Subtitles

Lillian - Short

2:40 mins [Uganda]

Download Download - with Subtitles

Margaret - Full

4:40 mins [Uganda]


Margaret - TVC

0:45 mins [Uganda]


Soundarya - Full

3:40 mins [India]


Soundarya - Short

2:15 mins [India]


Elfando and Kristin

4:15 mins [Indonesia]



It Works: Fridge Photo Videos

Jessica [Indonesia]

1 min


Christopher [Kenya]

1 min



Compassion General

Introducing Compassion - Full

3:30 mins [Global]


Introducing Compassion - Short

1:40 mins [Global]


[*] FAQs.

[Q] What do I do with completed child sponsorship forms?

For privacy, allow the new sponsor to seal their completed child sponsorship form with the blank envelope provided. Collect all the sealed child sponsorship forms as outlined in this guide and enclose in the sponsorship form record envelope, then visit your local Australia Post office to register and mail using your reply paid envelope.


[Q] Does it cost me money to post back to Compassion?

No, Compassion has already paid for the postage through the reply paid envelope.


[Q] How do I access my Compassion Sunday resources digitally?

When you confirm your event, choose the ‘It’s all digital’ option. When you’ve entered your details to confirm your event, you will receive an email that will give you a link to your event’s exclusive webpage. This is where you will find photos and information about specific children who are waiting for sponsors and who will only be available to sponsor at your event.

You’ll be set up to download all of your posters, instruction guide and everything you’ll need. It’s as easy as click and print!

If you are unable to download any particular item using the link provided, simply right click, select ‘save target as’ and save the document to your desktop to view the contents.


[Q] For how long will I be able to access my exclusive web page?

Your event’s web page will expire one month after the date of your event. If you plans change, or your event is postponed, please let us know by emailing or calling 1300 22 44 53 to advise us of your new date. We will update your webpage to ensure you have access when your event rolls around.


[Q] Can church members take home child sponsorship forms?

The best way to connect a child with a sponsor is at your Compassion Sunday event. However, if a church member is unsure about sponsoring, potential sponsors can take home a child sponsorship form, special request form, or Compassion brochure so they can pray about and carefully consider sponsoring a child (but please note that priority child profiles with a red dot cannot be taken home). Please follow up with these potential sponsors one week after your Compassion Sunday event.

It’s important to take note of each child sponsorship form that is taken home so that you can record the correct numbers on the front of your sponsorship form record envelope. After your Compassion Sunday event, the sponsorship form record envelope must be returned with the completed and unused child sponsorship forms and special request forms to Compassion Australia using the provided reply paid registered envelope.


[Q] What do I do if I have leftover child sponsorship forms?

You will need to count the number of completed and unused child sponsorship forms and special request forms you have and fill in those numbers on the sponsorship form record envelope. Also add the number of forms that were taken home at your event. These numbers should add up to the total number of forms you received before the event. Once the sponsorship form record envelope is completed and sealed, place this in the registered post envelope and send to Compassion.


[Q] What if I run out of child sponsorship forms and need more?

Use the special request form if you run out of child sponsorship forms. Compassion Australia will connect this sponsor with a child waiting for sponsorship as soon as possible.


[Q] What is different about the child sponsorship forms with a red dot?

These children are a top priority for sponsorship, as they have been unsponsored for more than six months. To sponsor these children, potential sponsors must complete the child sponsorship form on the day of your Compassion Sunday event. As they need to be linked with a sponsor as soon as possible, please do not give these forms to sponsors to take home.


[Q] When does sponsorship start?

Sponsorship begins when the first contribution is processed at Compassion. It may take up to four weeks to process all new child sponsorships once they have been returned to Compassion Australia. Automatic sponsorship contributions are deducted on or near the 20th of each month.


[Q] When will a sponsor receive his/her first letter?

The first letter will arrive within three months after sponsorship begins, but it can take up to six months thereafter due to translating the letters and the postal systems across countries.