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What is Compassion Sunday?

Welcome to Compassion Sunday 2015!

Compassion Sunday is a special, one-day event held at your church to draw attention to the needs of children living in poverty around the world. The best part? You can invite your church friends and family to be part of the solution through Compassion’s Child Sponsorship Program.

The official date for Compassion Sunday is 2 August 2015, when your church will be one of hundreds around Australia standing against poverty. But Compassion Sunday is flexible—we’d love churches to speak up for children year-round! Feel free to hold your event on any date from late April 2015 onwards.

Compassion Sunday at your church

What Compassion Sunday looks like at your church is completely up to you. You choose whether it should be a five or 10 minute presentation, the focus of the church service, or something that engages all the ministries in your church.

A free Resource Kit, filled with all the materials you need, makes planning and running a Compassion Sunday event simple.

Getting started

First things first. Chat with your church leader or pastor to make sure you have their okay to hold a Compassion Sunday event. If you’d prefer, we can talk to your pastor for you. Just give us a call to let us know. We’d love to help!

The Compassion Sunday Information Guide is here if you would like some helpful tips on engaging your pastor or if you would like more information. For a hard copy to be posted to you please email us at

Once your church leader or pastor is on board, it’s time to register your event!

Register Your Event.

After you’ve registered your event, we will send you a Resource Kit filled with everything you need to make your Compassion Sunday event powerful and inspiring. Thank you so much for being part of Compassion Sunday 2015. We’re so excited that we can stand together to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name!



[Q] What do I do with completed child sponsorship forms?

For privacy, allow the new sponsor to seal their completed child sponsorship form with the blank envelope provided. Collect all the sealed child sponsorship forms as outlined in this guide and enclose in the sponsorship form record envelope, then visit your local Australia Post office to register and mail using your reply paid envelope.


[Q] Does it cost me money to post back to Compassion?

No, Compassion has already paid for the postage through the reply paid envelope.


[Q] Can church members take home child sponsorship forms?

The best way to connect a child with a sponsor is at your Compassion Sunday event. However, if a church member is unsure about sponsoring, potential sponsors can take home a child sponsorship form, special request form, or Compassion brochure so they can pray about and carefully consider sponsoring a child (but please note that priority child profiles with a red dot cannot be taken home). Please follow up with these potential sponsors one week after your Compassion Sunday event.

It’s important to take note of each child sponsorship form that is taken home so that you can record the correct numbers on the front of your sponsorship form record envelope. After your Compassion Sunday event, the sponsorship form record envelope must be returned with the completed and unused child sponsorship forms and special request forms to Compassion Australia using the provided reply paid registered envelope.


[Q] What do I do if I have leftover child sponsorship forms?

You will need to count the number of completed and unused child sponsorship forms and special request forms you have and fill in those numbers on the sponsorship form record envelope. Also add the number of forms that were taken home at your event. These numbers should add up to the total number of forms you received before the event. Once the sponsorship form record envelope is completed and sealed, place this in the registered post envelope and send to Compassion.


[Q] What if I run out of child sponsorship forms and need more?

Use the special request form if you run out of child sponsorship forms. Compassion Australia will connect this sponsor with a child waiting for sponsorship as soon as possible.


[Q] What is different about the child sponsorship forms with a red dot?

These children are a top priority for sponsorship, as they have been unsponsored for more than six months. To sponsor these children, potential sponsors must complete the child sponsorship form on the day of your Compassion Sunday event. As they need to be linked with a sponsor as soon as possible, please do not give these forms to sponsors to take home.


[Q] When does sponsorship start?

Sponsorship begins when the first contribution is processed at Compassion. It may take up to four weeks to process all new child sponsorships once they have been returned to Compassion Australia. Automatic sponsorship contributions are deducted on or near the 20th of each month.


[Q] When will a sponsor receive his/her first letter?

The first letter will arrive within three months after sponsorship begins, but it can take up to six months thereafter due to translating the letters and the postal systems across countries.