What is Compassion Sunday?

Poverty robs children of their basic rights—to an education, healthcare, self-belief and hope for their future. But more powerful than the lies of poverty are the hope of Jesus, the care of their local church and the encouragement of a sponsor.

Compassion Sunday is an opportunity for you and your church to find sponsors for children and give a hope more powerful than poverty.


Make a brief presentation to your church

If public speaking isn’t your thing, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!


Show a Compassion video

Who better to speak to the life-changing difference of sponsorship than those who benefit from the generosity of supporters like you?


Set up a child sponsorship table

You won’t be able to wipe the massive grin off your face as you help to change the lives of children.

Get Started Today

Before you register your event, make sure you chat to your pastor about holding Compassion Sunday at your church. Once you have their permission, register below. We’ll send you the things you need to make your event a success!

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Compassion Sunday Resources
Compassion Sunday Resources
Compassion Sunday Resources
Compassion Sunday Resources
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  • Do I have to make a presentation?

    If public speaking isn’t your thing, you can let the video do the talking for you and ask your church pastor to put out the call for child sponsorship after the video has played.

  • When is Compassion Sunday?

    You can hold Compassion Sunday on any date, and use the Compassion Sunday pack any place where you can gather a group of people who would be interested in hearing about the work of Compassion.

  • Is holding a Compassion Sunday event complicated?

    Nope! We’ll provide everything you need, including a suggested script for your presentation once you’ve registered your event.