Farming Bundle
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Farming Bundle

Goat + 2 x Chickens + Fruit and Veggie Seeds


You can fill the yard with these farm animals! Animals like goats and chickens make an incredible difference to a family living in poverty.

Providing a family with their own small-scale farm with the gift of a Farming Bundle can equip them to be freed from poverty. The Farming Bundle contains:

  • Goat
  • Fruit and Veggie Seeds
  • 2 x Chickens

By gifting a Farming Bundle:

  • You’ll provide a source of income and important nutrition.
  • Families will learn about modern farming methods and agricultural technologies, helping them to grow sustainable food and even commercial crops.
  • You can reduce a family’s grocery bill and help them become self-sufficient.

For every $1 donated

80% goes to program

20% goes to administration