Health Bundle
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Health Bundle

Toothbrushes, Vaccinations, Mosquito Net + Clean Water


This bundle is all about good health! Not only will you be preventing deadly diseases such as malaria, you’ll be enabling children to live healthy lives and maintain their gorgeous smiles!

Each item in this bundle is crucial for protecting children from disease and ongoing health issues. A toothbrush will help children maintain good oral hygiene while a mosquito net will allow them to sleep safely at night protected from malaria. Vaccinations are critical to preventing illness and deadly disease among children. Clean water has a life-changing impact on a family; not only does it provide clean water for drinking and washing, it also reduces the amount of time children spend walking to collect water—time they use for learning and playing instead.

For every $1 donated

80% goes to program, 20% to administration

80% goes to program

20% goes to administration