Health Bundle
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Health Bundle

Toothbrushes, Vaccinations, Mosquito Net + Clean Water


This bundle is all about good health! Not only will you be preventing deadly diseases such as malaria, you’ll be enabling children to live healthy lives and maintain their gorgeous smiles!

It’s a vicious cycle: poverty is both a cause and a consequence of poor health. Your gift can change this by preventing deadly diseases and enabling children to live healthy lives.

The Health Bundle contains:

  • Vaccinations
  • Clean Water
  • 2 x mosquito nets

By gifting a Health Bundle:

  • You’ll help provide the tools for children to have a good foundation for lifelong health.
  • Children are protected from serious illness and complications like hearing loss, brain damage and even death.
  • Children can remain healthy and developmentally on-track, without missing valuable time at school due to illness.

For every $1 donated

80% goes to program

20% goes to administration