Challenge yourself to run, hike or cycle whilst experiencing the life-changing work of Compassion during a week of unforgettable memories.

Go the extra mile in 2021 and join us in seeing extreme poverty eradicated in our lifetime. Each Muskathlon is run in partnership with our friends at 4M Australia.

Join the Indonesia 2021 Muskathlon

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€ 1,300 (AU$2300*)

excluding return flights

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Dates in country

14 Oct – 23 Oct, 2021

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Muskathlon Base


*This trip price does not include international flights. We’ll be glad to work with you to facilitate booking your own flights.

Register your interest for Muskathlon Indonesia

Register your interest for Muskathlon Indonesia

“When I felt the call to run for children living in poverty, it took me over a month to say yes. I thought, ‘there’s no way I can do this!’ This was my first half marathon and initially I found it pretty tough. But it was also an amazing accomplishment to see what I initially considered to be a ‘long run’ become my ‘short runs’ over time. I challenge you to join a Muskathlon. Because if I can do it, you can too!”


Choose your own adventure



42km through the island community of Kupang. This is no walk in the park—but if you stop to catch your breath, you’ll be rewarded with stunning views and some friendly encouragement from locals.



Half-, full- or ultra-marathon take your fancy? Choose which distance (21km, 42km or 63km) suits you best—and then hit the training track. You’ll feel like a warrior when you cross the finish line … because you’ll be one!



Get your spandex—and your sweat!—on for this 120km epic ride. The gruelling climbs will be balanced by some moments of bliss as you coast downhill, but they’ll be brief. Speaking of briefs, don’t forget the Vaso … the last thing you need is chafe at the 80km mark.

Fundraise for children living in poverty

Knowing the incredible impact one-to-one sponsorship has on children in poverty, we ask that you aim to find sponsors for 10 children. For every new sponsored child, your fundraising target will be reduced by $1000. Your target starts at $10,000. That way, if you find sponsors for 10 children you’ve achieved your goal. If you find eight sponsors and $2,000 in donations then you’ve also reached the target!

We have plenty of advice and tips to help you along the way.

So, just one question remains: Are you in?

Sample Itinerary

A Muskathalon is an endurance challenge set in unusual locations—the adventure of a lifetime.

  • Day 1: Arrive in Kupang
    1 Day 1: Arrive in Kupang

    Welcome to Indonesia. The land of the relaxing rainforests and beautiful beaches. You will check into your hotel in Kupang where you can spend some time resting or get to know a little more about your fellow Muskatheletes.

  • Day 2: Child development centre in Kupang
    2 Day 2: Child development centre in Kupang

    Arrive at your first child development centre. Here, you’ll meet the bright and beautiful children in Compassion’s program. You’ll have an opportunity to meet the local church pastor and staff and be invited into some of the homes of precious children and their families.

  • Day 3: Church service at local church partner
    3 Day 3: Church service at local church partner

    Attend a Sunday service at a local Compassion church partner and experience their love and hospitality. After the service, you’ll have the opportunity for training.

  • Day 4: Child development centre
    4 Day 4: Child development centre

    Visit a child development centre to witness what life is like here in Kupang. Visit the home of a child and their family in the community and hear about the experiences of our local church pastor and staff.

  • Day 5: A day with Compassion sponsored children
    5 Day 5: A day with Compassion sponsored children 

    Feel like a child again and share in the joy and laughter of Compassion sponsored children. It will be a day to remember. In the afternoon you will have the opportunity to train on the Muskathlon course.

  • Day 6: Rest day
    6 Day 6: Rest day

    This day will give you the opportunity to do some sightseeing around the island and provide you with the opportunity to rest as you gear up both mentally and physically for the big day tomorrow.

  • Day 7: Muskathlon
    7 Day 7: Muskathlon 

    The big day has arrived. Today you will either: run a half, full or ultra-marathon, cycle 120 kilometres or walk 63 kilometres, all for children living in poverty. 

  • Day 8: Depart Kupang
    8 Day 8: Depart Kupang

    You will celebrate your incredible achievement before saying goodbye to your fellow Muskathletes. You might be on your way home, but the stories and people you’ve encountered will always remain a part of you.

What's Included

transport icon Transport within the itinerary
Twin share accommodation
All meals in Indonesia (including bottled water)
Sponsored child fun-day venue costs
Visits to any tourist attractions in the itinerary
Preparing-to-go training material costs
Muskathlon race day costs including sports drinks and on course nutrition

What's Not Included

International or Domestic flights
Visa applications
Travel insurance
Additional travel costs (if you choose to extend your stay)
Vaccinations or immunisations (please seek relevant medical advice prior to leaving Australia)
Excess baggage fees
SIM cards, phone calls, laundry service or internet usage while travelling
Optional activities, additional snacks, mini-bar, shopping, gifts for your sponsored child or souvenirs

Important Information

  • Payment Process

    Payment Process

    You will be issued with two payments to cover the total cost of the Muskathlon:

    1. Payment one: € 100 (AU$180) deposit per person to secure your place on the Muskathlon
    2. Payment two: the bulk of the Muskathlon costs, due approximately three months before departure.
  • Traveller Agreement

    Traveller Agreement

    You will be provided with a Traveller Agreement form, which includes all terms and conditions to be examined and confirmed prior to departure.

    Key aspects of this Insight Trip information include:

    • Child Protection
    • Media/Image capture and use
    • Health and Safety (including immunisations and pre-existing medical conditions)
    • Travel Documentation
    • Travel Insurance
    • Acknowledgement and Release

    To ensure our impact on the children and churches we visit is positive, we ask you to engage in all group activities, participate fully in Preparing To Go and on-trip briefing sessions, and follow the guidance of your Field Experience Leader to ensure we respect cultural practices that may vary significantly to those in Australia.

  • Cancellation Policy

    Cancellation Policy

    The following cancellation costs apply:

    • If you cancel within nine months before the trip, the cancellation fee is 25% of the total fee.
    • If you cancel within six months before the trip, the cancellation fee is 50% of the total fee.
    • If you cancel within three months before the start the cancellation fee is 100% of the total fee.

    NOTE: Cancellation insurance generally only covers the cost of unforeseen issues such as death of a family member or other acute distress, injuries usually do not count.  Cancel fees might still apply, depending on the terms of the insurance the reason and time of cancellation.

  • Costs involved in meeting your sponsored child

    Costs involved in meeting your sponsored child

    One of the highlights of a Compassion Trip is the fun day, when the travellers and their sponsored children come together to enjoy a picnic, local attraction or activity. This is typically held at a location near Compassion’s office in a field country, where Insight Trips are generally based. But while your sponsored child may live nearby, it’s possible that they could live in another region entirely – or even on another island!

    That means the costs involved in transporting your sponsored child, a parent or guardian, and a representative from their church or project can vary significantly. In all cases, we’ll ensure they travel safely to meet you— but depending on your sponsored child’s age and circumstances, it may be the case that you’ll need to travel to meet them.

    When you submit your enquiry, we’ll let you know an estimated cost to meet your sponsored child to help you make a decision about joining the trip; with a final cost being confirmed once the group’s itinerary is locked in closer to departure. We know it’s an experience that you and your sponsored child will remember forever!