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08 Apr – 21 Apr, 2021

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The trip price includes international flights as well as in-country costs. So don’t worry about making your own bookings—we’ll do the admin for you! If you’d prefer to book your own flights, we’ll be glad to work with you to facilitate this.

Everything you need to participate in our standard itinerary is covered. Check out the ‘What’s Included’ section for more details. Payment plans available, email us to learn more.

Register your interest for West Africa - Ghana & Togo

Register your interest for West Africa - Ghana & Togo

Sample Itinerary

You’re invited to experience God’s hope and love for West Africa with a remarkable Insight Trip that includes Togo and Ghana. Meet precious children, their families and local churches on the front lines of Compassion’s ministry in two different nations—and be inspired by God’s grace at work.  

The itinerary for this trip will be customised based on a number of factors, including the location of the travellers’ sponsored children. The following is a sample itinerary to give you the flavour of what to expect on your life-changing journey. A final itinerary will follow closer to your travel dates.

  • Day 1: Arrive in Accra, Ghana
    1 Day 1: Arrive in Accra, Ghana

    Africa’s West Coast! Plunge into the melting pot that is modern day Accra, a city of around 2 million people. Watch the tro-tros (taxis) weave among the motorbikes and trucks as you make your way to the hotel. With dozens of different languages and afrobeats ringing in your ears, you’ll immediately be captured by the vibrancy of the city. Rest and recuperate from your flight before you get to know your fellow travellers a little more over dinner. 

    Stay: Accommodation in Accra 
    Highlight: The sensory experience of a new city on a new continent.

  • Day 2: Visit a child development centre in the capital 
    2 Day 2: Visit a child development centre in the capital

    Get ready to meet the bright and beautiful children in Compassion’s program. There’ll be plenty of laughter, dancing and playing but you’ll also understand more about Compassion’s approach to holistic child development. You’ll have an opportunity to meet the local church pastor and staff and be invited into some of the homes of precious children and their families.

    Stay: Accommodation in Accra
    Highlight: Experience the joy and fun of a Compassion centre for yourself.

  • Day 3: Church service in Accra
    3 Day 3: Church service in Accra

    Attend a local church service and be immersed in the love and hospitality of the Ghanaian people. Be prepared to sing and dance in the aisles—you don’t do church sitting down here! Spend the afternoon recovering or get out and about and explore more of Accra’s unique flavour.

    Stay: Accommodation in Accra
    Highlight: A church service like you’ve never experienced before!

  • Day 4: Fun day at a local cultural location
    4 Day 4: Fun day at a local cultural location

    Feel like a child again and share in the joy and laughter of Compassion assisted children with a visit to a popular tourist attraction in the city of  Accra. It’s a great opportunity to connect with children and their caregivers, play games, enjoy a meal, and share a special time together as a team. There’s a reason that it’s called a fun day! Join a group of Compassion program graduates for the evening meal and be amazed by their stories of what it means to be released from poverty.

    Stay: Accommodation in Accra
    Highlight: The most fun you can possibly have in just one day!

  • Day 5: Visit the Compassion Ghana office in Accra
    5 Day 5: Visit the Compassion Ghana office in Accra

    Visit the Compassion Ghana office in Accra and meet the team. Learn how they serve the children of their nation—and just how passionate they are about it! Get an inside look at the day-to-day work of the ministry in the country. After a tour of the office, treat your tastebuds to the local cuisine and then prepare for a visit to a nearby child development centre to see the local church in action.

    Stay: Accommodation in Accra
    Highlight: Connect with the passionate, hard-working, inspirational Compassion Ghana team.

  • Day 6: Travel to Lomé, Togo
    6 Day 6: Travel to Lomé, Togo

    Pack your bags and board the bus—you’re off to Togo! It’s not too far across the border; only 200km city to city. Put on your comfiest pants, wear your headphones and take a snooze; or chat with your fellow travellers and your Compassion guides to unpack the amazing things you’ve seen so far—and the adventure that awaits in Lomé. The afternoon is free to decompress and rest before the evening meal.

    Stay: Accommodation in Lomé
    Highlight: Some valuable quiet time to rest and recharge.

  • Day 7: Visit the Compassion Togo office
    7 Day 7: Visit the Compassion Togo office 

    Visit the Compassion Togo team at the national office in Lomé. Full of enthusiasm and passion for the children they serve, these faithful men and women will blow you away with their dedication and talent. Understand more of how they build in-country relationships with churches, local authorities and others. Head back to your accommodation and spend the afternoon catching up on rest or find a handmade souvenir at a nearby market. 

    Stay: Accommodation in Lomé
    Highlight: Rest and recover.

  • Day 9: Child development centre in Togo
    9 Day 9: Child development centre in Togo

    Witness the way of life in the capital with a visit to a child development centre in Lomé. Each community has its own struggles and challenges so hear a first-hand account of local life from the church pastor and staff of the centre. You’ll have the opportunity to join in the fun at the centre, and maybe even visit some of the children at home. Return a second day to strengthen those connections, and get an even deeper look at how children’s lives are being transformed.

    Stay: Accommodation in Lomé
    Highlight: See Compassion’s ministry in action.

  • Day 10: Church service in Lomé
    10 Day 10: Church service in Lomé

    Your second Sunday of the trip—and this one promises to be as uplifting and enjoyable as the first! Join a local church for a time of worship. Even if the language is different, the aim is the same: to love and praise God. So, join in wholeheartedly! Sing your socks off, dance in the aisles. Experience church, Togo-style.

    Stay: Accommodation in Lomé
    Highlight: Two countries, two Sundays, two church services. Amazing! 

  • Day 11: A day with Compassion sponsored children 
    11 Day 11: A day with Compassion sponsored children

    Feel like a kid again and share in the joy and laughter of children with a day at a popular tourist attraction in Lomé. It’s the perfect way to finish your trip on a high note—surrounded by the children and families who are being released from poverty in Jesus’ name! In the evening, share a meal with some graduates from Compassion’s program who are giving back to their communities in powerful ways.

    Stay: Accommodation in Lomé
    Highlight: An unforgettable day of fun. 

  • Day 12: One word: Safari!
    12 Day 12: One word: Safari!

    You can’t travel all the way to Africa’s West Coast and not spend a day absorbing its spectacular local scenery and wildlife. Put on your tourist hat for a day and keep a keen eye out for elephants, chimps, and much more. Get your camera ready!

    Stay: Accommodation in Lomé
    Highlight: Elephants!

  • Day 13: Travel back to Ghana/Debrief day
    13 Day 13: Travel back to Ghana/Debrief day

    It’s time to pack your bags and head back to Accra in preparation for your flight back to Australia tomorrow. Meet up with your team in the afternoon to spend some time in prayer and discussion of the events you’ve seen, felt and experienced. Each of you will have a different take on what has happened and what God has been working on in your hearts. It’s great to share from the heart and be amazed at what He has done.

    Stay: Accra accommodation
    Highlight: Nothing beats the close relationships built through shared experiences!

  • Day 14: Depart Accra for Australia 
    14 Day 14: Depart Accra for Australia 

    The Insight Trip comes to a close, but your adventure doesn’t have to end here. Book your own flights if you’d like to stay a little longer in Ghana or explore more of this beautiful part of the world. Otherwise, board the bus and make your way back to the airport to begin the journey home. You might be leaving Ghana but the memories and friendships you’ve forged will remain with you forever. Now, if only you could find those comfy pants for the flight …

What's Included

International flights (if you’d like to book your own flights, we’ll be glad to work with you to facilitate this).
transport icon All transport in Ghana & Togo
Twin share accommodation (you can upgrade to a single room at an additional cost)
All meals in Ghana & Togo (including bottled water)
Travel insurance
Visits to any tourist attractions in the itinerary
Preparing-to-go training material costs
A trained Trip Leader from Compassion Australia to guide you through your Insight Trip experience

What's Not Included

Visa applications
transport icon Costs associated with visiting your sponsored child (these will vary based on where your sponsored child lives)
Additional accommodation or travel costs (if you choose to extend your stay)
Vaccinations or immunisations (please seek relevant medical advice prior to leaving Australia)
Excess baggage fees
SIM cards, phone calls, laundry service or internet usage while travelling
Optional activities, additional snacks, mini-bar, shopping, gifts for your sponsored child or souvenirs

Important Information

  • How is coronavirus (COVID-19) impacting travel with Compassion?

    How is coronavirus (COVID-19) impacting travel with Compassion?

    Currently, all travel to Compassion field countries has been suspended until the end of July 2020. At this stage, we are continuing to monitor the situation as we plan for trips beyond July. If we need to cancel or postpone your trip after July, we'll contact you to work out a solution for the monies you've paid.

  • Payment Process

    Payment Process

    You will be issued with two invoices to cover the total cost of this Insight Trip:

    1. Invoice one will be for the payments below. Each payment will be listed as a separate item on the invoice with its own due date.
      • Payment one: $300 deposit per person, which must be paid by the due date on the invoice to secure your place on the Insight Trip.
      • Payment two: the bulk of the Insight Trip costs, due approximately six months before departure.
      • Payment three: the balance of your Insight Trip package, due approximately three months before departure (if you qualify for the early-bird discount, this balance will be reduced accordingly).
    2. Invoice two is for any additional costs related to visiting your sponsored child, and will be sent out one or two months before departure. If you do not incur any additional costs outside of the planned Insight Trip, you will not receive invoice two.
  • Traveller Agreement

    Traveller Agreement

    You will be provided with a Traveller Agreement form, which includes all terms and conditions to be examined and confirmed prior to departure.

    Key aspects of this Insight Trip information include:

    • Child Protection
    • Media/Image capture and use
    • Health and Safety (including immunisations and pre-existing medical conditions)
    • Travel Documentation
    • Travel Insurance
    • Acknowledgement and Release

    To ensure our impact on the children and churches we visit is positive, we ask you to engage in all group activities, participate fully in Preparing To Go and on-trip briefing sessions, and follow the guidance of your Field Experience Leader to ensure we respect cultural practices that may vary significantly to those in Australia.

  • Cancellation Policy

    Cancellation Policy

    • If you withdraw from the Insight Trip, we will refund you the amount you’ve paid less your deposit and any additional non-refundable expenses Compassion has incurred on your behalf, such as insurance, flights, accommodation, and costs relating to meeting your sponsored child. You'll need to provide us with written notice of cancellation.
    • If we need to cancel or postpone your trip, we'll contact you to work out a solution for the amount you've paid.
  • Costs involved with meeting your sponsored child

    Costs involved with meeting your sponsored child

    One of the highlights of an Insight Trip is the fun day, when the travellers and their sponsored children come together to enjoy a picnic, local attraction or activity. This is typically held at a location near Compassion’s office in a field country, where Insight Trips are generally based. But while your sponsored child may live nearby, it’s possible that they could live in another region entirely – or even on another island!

    That means the costs involved in transporting your sponsored child, a parent or guardian, and a representative from their church or project can vary significantly. In all cases, we’ll ensure they travel safely to meet you— but depending on your sponsored child’s age and circumstances, it may be the case that you’ll need to travel to meet them.

    When you submit your enquiry, we’ll let you know an estimated cost to meet your sponsored child to help you make a decision about joining the trip; with a final cost being confirmed once the group’s itinerary is locked in closer to departure. We know it’s an experience that you and your sponsored child will remember forever!