volunteer with us

As a Friend of Compassion

We’re always in need of enthusiastic volunteers from the Newcastle area to help us carry out various tasks in our Warabrook head office.

If you have a gift for any of the below areas, and have some spare time to give, we’d love to hear from you!

  • Letter processing
  • Administration
  • Customer service
  • Human resources
  • Information technology
  • Facilities management
  • Finance
  • Graphic design
  • Marketing and communications

Read our Friends of Compassion handbook for more information on volunteering with us.

If you would like to express your interest in volunteering, please download and complete the Volunteer Application Form along with the National Police Check Form and return them to us.

If you have any questions bout voluntering, please contact us on 1300 22 44 53 or email compassion@compassion.com.au.

Through the Child Advocacy Network (CAN)

 No matter what your skills are, if you have a heart for children living in poverty, then we would love you to join our Child Advocate Network! The CAN is a passionate, dynamic and creative Christian advocacy movement, seeking justice and life for children throughout the world. It provides a framework in which you can personalise your advocacy for children in ways that suit who you are and the talents that you have.

Join with like-minded child advocates to:

  • Speak up—by writing letters, giving presentations and talking to friends
  • Learn—about child development, social justice, child theology and Compassion
  • Create—art, song, dance, film or more, and raise awareness and funds for children
  • Pray—for children, transformation and Compassion
  • Volunteer—in a Compassion office, in your community and in your church’s children’s ministry
  • Take action—stand up for children, share Compassion, buy Fairtrade and reduce your carbon footprint
  • Support—sponsor a child, give to the Child Survival Program or the Leadership Development Program and encourage your church’s children’s ministry.

If you’re a passionate child advocate who loves meeting people, being hands on and learning new skills, you might also consider joining our vibrant CAN events team and representing Compassion at conferences, concerts, churches and more!

Click here to find out more about the Child Advocate Network or click the button below to get involved today!

Join the CAN

Thank you

Thank you for your feedback. One of our team will respond to you within 2 working days. Thank you for your patience and for partnering with Compassion to release children from poverty in Jesus name.

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