Compassion and Hillsong Conference 2016

For millions of children, life is not an opportunity to learn or grow, dream or play. Their story is a daily struggle for survival and safety, living in fear that even the little they have will also disappear.

A child in poverty is already exposed and vulnerable. But sometimes situations arise where this vulnerability is pushed to the limit. Accidents, disease, medical emergencies and violence can lead to complete destitution and the end of all hope.

But for children in Compassion’s program, their story is different. They know firsthand the impact one act of love can make. Compassion sponsored children and their families don’t have to face the harsh realities of poverty alone.

Sponsor a Child

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Through sponsorship they have the love and protection of a local church, Compassion staff and a sponsor. They are treated as individuals with diverse challenges and hardships, dreams and goals. When poverty tries to isolate a child, sponsorship places them shoulder to shoulder with a team to help them fight poverty.

Poverty makes children vulnerable in so many ways. Protection is key and for Compassion assisted children this includes education, regular involvement in the child’s life, practical prevention and, if required, intervention. When something goes wrong, Compassion sponsored children and their families have somewhere to turn for help.

While the oppression of poverty may still be around them, their hearts, minds and bodies are given the opportunity to develop in a nurturing environment. They know they have a future and a hope and given the opportunity to hear the life changing gospel message. And they know that at their most vulnerable moments, they have someone who will care for them, and go to every possible length to protect them.

Compassion sponsored children know that they matter. Their story has been changed.

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